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Auto Mat Collection features GM Licensed Custom Floor Mats


Velourtex Mats

Mats are Custom Produced and Shipped by Lloyd Mats

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GM Licensed Custom Floor Mats

True BerberTruBerber™ Mats

Berber carpet is named after the tribe in North Africa that originated the design. The original Berber carpet was made with complementary colored, flecked yarns in a large, nubby, loop texture. Lloyd Mats is pleased to introduce its TruBerber Mats that replicate the spirit of the original Berber design.

  • It is the heaviest berber mat available with a 48-ounce yarn weight to assure long mat life.
  • PolylNylon yarn blend combines the strength of polypropylene with the crush resistance of nylon.
  • Comingled yam colors hide surface soiling.
  • PolylNylon yarn blend has been specifically formulated for inherent resistance to stains and fading.
  • Matching nylon velour binding that will never unravel.
  • Lloyd's five year mat warranty.

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Lloyd UltimatUltimats™

A multi-layer carpet construction designed for automotive use by Lloyd Mats. They feature a premium continuous filament nylon yarn For durability.

  • Premium nylon yarn provides excellent wear characteristics and durability.
  • Ultimat Carpet Layer (face): 2 pounds of premium nylon 2 ply continuous filament yarn in each square yard. Durability and density is created by twisting and heat-setting two pieces of yarn together in each woven tuft.
  • Specially dyed carpet colors to match or complement current and early OEM interiors.

Multi-Layer Backing

  • Four layers of backing: Polypropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its shape, extra heavy latex creates stiffness to help maintain mat shape, water-resistant layer to keep moisture from the original carpet, final Tractionbac composition rubber has natural non-skid characteristics.
  • Long Wearing Carpet
  • Stain Resistance
  • Lasting Good Looks
  • Moisture Protection
  • Non-Skid

Mechanical Anchoring Devices With Each Mat Set

  • Factory compatible anchoring devices are included with each set for vehicles with a factory installed hook, snap, post, etc.
  • Lloyd “Snap-Tab” for post applications; Metal grommet for hook applications.
  • Lloyd Post Hook mat anchor for all vehicles without factory anchor devices.
  • Absolutely stay put.
  • Mats look better and last longer when they stay in place.
  • Won’t wrinkle or create hazardous driving condition.

Logo Embroidery

  • Embroidered designs done with durable nylon thread.
  • Direct Embroidery: Designs are Sewn through carpet and backing.
  • Embroidered Applique: Pre-embroidered appliqué permanently welded deep into the carpet face using RF Technology.
  • Variety of thread colors.
  • Neon Binding Materials.

Great Service (Fastest turnaround in the custom floor mat industry)

  • Plain mats ship within two days.
  • Embroidered mats ship within three days.
  • Five year warranty against defects in design, workmanship and materials.

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Lloyd LuxeLuxe Mats

LUXE Mats by Lloyd – Hand Finished Elegance. Our LUXE carpet is the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile we can manufacture, with yarn that is specially treated for stain and soil resistance. LUXE mats are constructed with a flexible layer of polyurethane “sponge”, sandwiched between the yarn face and rubber backing. This feature allows the mat to more closely conform to the floor, helps prevent slipping and creasing provides an extra barrier to outside noise and heat and is completely waterproof. The embroidered emblems are ultrasonically welded deep into the carpet pile. LUXE mats are hand beveled around emblems and mat perimeters. When we ship a set of LUXE mats, you have our assurance that these are the very best mats we can produce. We think you'll agree they’re Sheer Luxury.

  • 1/2" thickness of PREMIUM continuous filament nylon yarn, SO SOFT you'll want to drive barefoot.
  • Yarn weight of 48 ounces per yard. More than triple the weight of most O.E. mats.
  • Treated to resist stains and soil.
  • Our multi-layer backing INCLUDES an extra thick polyurethane core THAT provideS extra cushioning and insulates against heat and road noise.
  • Waterproof POLYURETHANE backing protects the original interior carpeting.
  • TractionBac non-slip natural rubber backing helps to keep your mats in place.


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Lloyd ProtectorProtector Mats™

The perfect product for all weather protection for your vehicle without a commercial rubber appearance. Clear vinyl Protector Mats keep your vehicle’s carpeting dry, while letting the vehicle’s carpet color and texture show through.

Exact fitting patterns, including many one piece door-to-door patterns available. Aggressive vinyl nibs keep these mats in place and a textured surface provides non-slip safety.  

Cargo area and trunk mats are also available to protect those carpeted areas from spills and soiling. Provides protection for that messy job or just a visit to the nursery.

  • Allows the beauty of the original interior to show through.
  • Heavy vinyl material.
  • Tall forward angled vinyl nibs keep Protector Mats in place.
  • Textured face provides safe, non-skid surface.
  • Exact fit patterns, including cargo and trunk area patterns.
  • Just hose or wipe off to clean.

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Lloyd RubbertiteRubberTite™ Mats

Custom fit all weather mats are like no other protection available. A contemporary pattern of “wells” across the entire surface gives the Rubbertite material the capacity to hold water, mud, snow, spills, sand, dirt and other debris, without the bulky side walls of other trays and liners. The rounded wall design of each “well” makes these mats easy to clean with the spray from a hose.

All RubberTite mats are custom cut for a perfect fit and exceptional floor protection. The heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures and has a textured, non-slip surface for additional safety.  Choose from Black, Grey, Tan, or Crystal Clear™

  • Exact fitting patterns. Many door-to-door one piece mats available.
  • Cargo, Trunk and Deck area patterns.
  • Each mat has hundreds of “cups” to hold water, mud, snow, sand and spills.
  • Rounded “well” walls for ease of cleaning. Just hose off.
  • Heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Rubber nib backing helps keep the mats in place and a textured surface provides additional non-slip safety.
  • Attractive, contemporary edge-to-edge design.
  • Warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the vehicle.

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Velourtex SampleVelourtex™ Mats

The Velourtex line of floor mats was created by Lloyd to provide a value priced, high quality automotive floor mat, with the availability of Lloyd’s broad range of trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidered options. Starting with a high quality nylon yarn, Lloyd has created a silky smooth texture, similar to late model original equipment mats, but with a heavier more dense carpet face. The multi-layer backing is designed to maintain the mat shape and provide protection for your original carpet. This is the same backing system as our higher priced mats and features our non-skid rubber TractionBac. Velourtex mats include factory compatible anchoring devices, to keep the mats firmly in place. Velourtex is available in ten of Lloyd’s most popular OEM matched colors. Choice of a single embroidered trademark, lifestyle, or personalized design.

Velourtex Features:

  • Premium nylon yarn
  • Velvet smooth texture
  • Ten OEM matching colors
  • Matching woven binding
  • Custom fit mats for every vehicle
  • Multi-layer backing to protect original carpeting and to keep mats in place
  • Factory compatible mat anchoring devices
  • Choice of Lloyd’s trademark, lifestyle, or personalized embroidery.


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